If your dog has been given the heart-breaking diagnosis of terminal cancer… Just About EVERYTHING Your Vet Told You Is WRONG!

“Don’t Let Confusion and Bad Advice Take Your Beloved Companion Away From You – There IS a Way to SAVE Your Dog.”

DOG CANCER: THE HOLISTIC ANSWER Gives Your Dog The Best Chance To Survive.

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From the Desk of Dr. Steven Eisen,
Holistic Dog Cancer Expert:

Dear Fellow Dog Lover:

I’m sorry you even have to read this letter. I know where you are – how heartbreaking it is to learn your dog has cancer.

When our beautiful Lhasa Apso, Fergie, was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma it was devastating. Lymphosarcoma, also known as lymphoma, is one of the worst and most aggressive types of dog cancer known. My wife cried until she couldn’t cry any longer. It’s a funny thing how much a pet can affect your life. Nothing touched our hearts more than coming home after a long day and seeing Fergie bounding towards us with uncontrollable excitement and unconditional love… she truly brought joy into our lives.

However, sometimes life just isn’t fair. Our veterinarian presented us with a grim choice. She said we could either operate to remove the tumor or put Fergie down. Ending our dog’s life was not an option. Reluctantly, we gave the go ahead for surgery.

Our hearts were breaking and we thought it couldn’t get any worse. But after the surgery, while we were still overwhelmed with grief and sadness, the vet told us … “Sorry, but things don’t look good. I’d give your dog only about six more weeks. You might want to consider putting her down now.”

But we didn’t give up…….

Fergie Lived An Extraordinary 2 Years… 4 Months…and 28 Days – 29 Times Longer Than Her Vet Predicted! She Reached Her 14th Year, the Normal Life Expectancy for Her Breed.

And all it took was the preparation of some easy meals and knowing the right combination of supplements to mix in with the food! All the research and the practical strategies that produced this amazing result can be found in my book, DOG CANCER: THE HOLISTIC ANSWER.

You Can Get Your Dog Better Without Toxic Side Effects, Invasive Procedures & Enormously Expensive Vet Bills

You’ve gotten so much advice, from so many people, and so many sources, you no longer know who or what to believe. Allow me to dispel all that fog. You just want your dog to get better more than anything else, and you should! That’s where I come in.

My name is Dr. Steven Eisen. As a doctor I have studied natural and holistic healing for over 30 years. I am a respected researcher and have written nationally recognized guidelines for treatment of human diseases. Would you believe that there are absolutely no published guidelines or established protocols for the treatment of canine cancer? We must hope that eventually there will be and they will be based on holistic principles. But you and your dog can’t afford to wait for that day – and fortunately you don’t have to. Thanks to DOG CANCER: THE HOLISTIC ANSWER, you have access RIGHT NOW to all the vital information you need!

There are Options for Healing Your Dog that You Haven’t Been Told About

Your vet may have told you that you could put your beloved dog down right now. Alternatively, he or she may have recommended you consult with a veterinary oncologist, a specialist in expensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Here’s what vets won’t tell you…

There are new nutritional supplements that even most holistic vets have not heard about.  These are the supplements  that saved Fergie’s life. But you won’t find them on any dog cancer discussion forums or in books about canine cancer written by veterinarians or others….

And this is really important…

Not only are there other options, but these options show better evidence of curing canine cancer and dog tumors than do the toxic conventional treatments. The proof is in. But how can you learn and find out about these treatments if veterinary schools don’t teach them and your vet doesn’t even know about them?

Holistic dog cancer treatments have worked for thousands of people just like you.

You Can Have Months Or Years Longer With Your Dog…Just Don’t Believe the Myths Your Vet Will Tell You

The big problem is that people whose dogs have cancer have been fed the 3 myths by their veterinarians, the media and websites online. Here they are:

Three Dominant Myths

1. Expensive medical interventions are the best options for  curing cancer.

2. There’s no scientific proof that natural remedies work.

3. You just have to wait and see what happens and you’ll know
when it’s time to put your dog down.

The Facts

1. Conventional treatments don’t work in the vast majority of cases.

2. The successes of natural remedies are documented in scientific studies.

3. You can play an active role in keeping your dog alive.

My Protocol For Your Dog

From the knowledge I acquired in saving Fergie’s life – not to mention the countless hours I spent researching holistic approaches for cancer in people – I developed a protocol which can be successfully applied to any dog…no matter whether they have:

  • Transitional cell carcinoma
  • Tumors of the nose and sinus
  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Melanoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Mammary Cancer
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Mast cell tumors
  • Bone tumors
  • Leukemia
  • & many other types of canine cancer and dog tumors.

The primary focus is on an anti-cancer diet (most dogs, sad to say, are on a pro-cancer diet of commercial dog food) and an array of natural therapeutic supplements. Some of the supplements are mandatory for a successful outcome. Others – herbal and homeopathic remedies – my be selected from lengthy lists of possibilities.

Even if you were to spend hundreds of hours reading books and scouring the Web for guidance on dog cancer, you would be unlikely to find all of the treatment options I have included in this book. There is simply no comparable source of information.


greencheckmarkThe most successful human cancer treatments, adapted to the medical needs of cancer in dogs. Solid scientific research shows that these treatments are more effective than either chemotherapy or radiation, the preferred tools of conventional veterinarians. Clinical studies demonstrate not only that the holistic alternatives work but that nothing works better.

greencheckmarkThe essential life-saving steps you must take immediately, even if you have not yet decided on the specific treatment protocol you will follow. (Chapter 4)

A step-by-step guide to the implementation of my dog cancer reversing regimen.

The Anti-Cancer Diet for Dogs, with detailed recipes proven to starve dog tumors and canine cancer cells of their sustaining nutrients. (Chapter 5)

greencheckmarkSpecific additional foods known to arrest dog tumor growth quickly and prevent metastases. (page 57)

greencheckmarkA simple method to determine which supplements are right for your dog – and more importantly, which ones are not. (page 75)

greencheckmarkThe disturbing facts about commercial dog food and it’s cancer-causing properties. (page 33)

The damage from vaccinations that causes cancer in dogs and what you can do to reverse it. (page 45)

greencheckmarkHow you can neutralize the effects of carcinogenic toxins in your dog. (page 32)

greencheckmarkWhy many efforts to cure canine cancer fail – and how to avoid the methods that don’t work. (page 18)

greencheckmarkThe most amazing tumor destroying substance ever known…it’s not a drug, vitamin or herb, and it has no side effects. But if you don’t  administer it properly, it will do nothing for your dog. (page 61)

greencheckmarkHow to stop exposing your dog to what one medical dictionary calls the “greatest crippler and killer of modern times.” Almost every dog owner is making this terrible mistake with their beloved pets. (page 39)

greencheckmarkThe most powerful immune-enhancing substances that are scientifically proven to reverse canine cancer…only discovered recently. (pages 55 – 60)

The active ingredients in those expensive canine cancer formulas sold online. You can get the same benefits for only a fraction of the price. (page 59)

greencheckmarkSuccessful dog cancer treatments discovered by a little-known scientist who was nominated 7 times for the Nobel Prize in Medicine. These treatments hav been scientifically proven to be at least, if not more effective than chemotherapy. (chapter 5)

greencheckmarkThe thing many owners give their dogs every day that causes liver damage over time. (page 42)

greencheckmarkHow to prevent fleas and ticks naturally without toxic, cancer-causing substances (page 41)

PLUS: A special segment on vitamins, herbs, homeopathic and other holistic remedies. You’ll see how new tools have allowed dog owners to eliminate their dog’s cancer… or at least ensure that their dogs can lead energetic, pain-free lives.

You Could Spend Years Sorting Through Thousands of Treatment and Supplement Options and Still Be Unsure About Which of Them are Best for Your Dog.

Every dog is individual and has different needs. A treatment that has worked for another dog is not necessarily right for yours. Therefore, in DOG CANCER: THE HOLISTIC ANSWER, I don’t give one-size-fits-all recommendations. I teach you a technique for identifying the treatments appropriate for your unique dog. You will be able to use this technique to assess not only the options discussed in my book but any potential intervention proposed by anyone.

It was people like you who urged me to write this book – people who love their ailing dogs and just don’t know what to do or where to turn to heal them.

I leapt at the opportunity to share everything I had learned from the experience of keeping Fergie alive. This knowledge must ultimately be brought to everyone, for the sake of the companions who mean so much to us. If only more people knew right now that there are proven non-toxic treatments for canine cancer that are easy to learn and inexpensive to implement!

What I present is not a single magic bullet but the best possible synergistic grouping of a number of scientifically validated approaches. That synergy makes the protocol unbeatable.

“Dr. Eisen makes more sense than one thousand oncologists. His book will
save the lives of many of our four-footed friends.”
-Dr. Tedd Koren, world renowned author, lecturer and educator.

“From the beginning to the end, Dr. Eisen delivers a book packed full of
relevant and pertinent content for you to use and guide your dog to a
healthy productive life.”
-Dr. Michael J. Kaye, author, “From Pain To Personal Gain”

“Dr. Eisen has it all there for you – the best therapies, explanations
for use, diet, immune support. This book is a valuable guide…
and worth whatever it costs. I didn’t find this book until after I had
lost my dog.If I had perhaps I could have extended her time longer
than the 16 months we got together.”
-Barbara Bouyet, author, “Akita, Treasure of Japan”

Act Now and Save…More Than $20

You are racing against the clock, so let’s get to the point. Here are your options:

1. You could try to get help from a holistic vet, paying around $50 per visit. Chances are you’d need quite a few visits – and a lot of time that your dog doesn’t have – to even come close to learning HALF of what’s in Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer (and that’s if you chose a competent vet).

2. You could pay $400 or more for just one consultation with a conventional dog cancer specialist – followed by $6,000 – $10,000 for the recommended toxic treatments which usually don’t cure cancer in dogs.

3. You could spend days or weeks on further research, looking into other dog cancer books, printed or electronic, many of which cost more, and none of which is as comprehensive or action-oriented as mine.


4. You can order DOG CANCER: THE HOLISTIC ANSWER and start helping your dog today. Act now and it’s yours for just $24.95a savings of more than $20 off the list price.


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Since there is no risk at all, what are you waiting for?

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Wishing your dog a fast recovery,


Dr. Steven Eisen

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