Is That Lump On My Dog Lymphoma?


When a dog owner finds a lump on their dogs body, the initial reaction is often, “Does my dog have cancer?”

Lymphoma in dogs is often first noticed as a swelling of the lymph nodes under the neck, armpits, stomach or back. In canine lymphoma these lumps are usually hard and round. Lymphoma is the most prevalent type of dog cancer.

Before jumping to the worst conclusions, realize that there are many possibilities as to what such lumps can be. First of all, any mass is considered a tumor, but many of them are not cancer or life threatening. These include lipomas (fatty tumors), hematomas (blood filled tumors),  abscesses or cysts (fluid filled tumors).

A condition called lymphoid reactive hyperplasia can also cause swollen lymph nodes. This is a normal immune response to some type of infection or inflammation due to some type of allergic response. It can be caused by bites from insects such as ticks, or other substances which set off an allergic reaction.

Lymphadenitis is another condition which causes swollen lymph nodes. This is most commonly caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, yet is not canine cancer.

The only way to know for sure is to take your dog to a veterinarian who will most likely want to diagnose the cause with blood work, needle aspiration and possibly a biopsy.

Aside from trauma, which can cause a hematoma, any lump on your dog’s skin should be taken as a sign that the immune system has been compromised. Even if it turns out not to be lymphoma or other type of canine cancer, it should be addressed with immune enhancing measures.

In Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer, you will find some of the most powerful immune enhancing natural supplements available, and other measures which can be taken to bolster immunity. These measures not only help dogs with cancer, but also, dogs without cancer who need a boost to their immune systems.

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