Dog Cancer – Alternative Treatments

Dog Cancer AnswersLearn the answers to the most common questions about dog cancer, including…

  • The toxins most dog owners unknowingly expose their dogs to that cause canine cancer, dog tumors, and other dog health problems.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the healing dog cancer diet – including recipes that meet the unique nutritional requirements for dog cancer or tumor on a dog.
  • The #1 worst thing you can do to a dog with cancer that happens everyday causing harmful reactions…including death. Learn how to prevent this from happening to your dog!
  • …and much more!

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This site has been created to help you deal with the question, “My dog has cancer. What can I do about it?”

The totality of information presented here cannot be found anywhere else on the Web. First and foremost, we show you how to find scientifically proven holistic treatments for canine cancer. You are unlikely ever to hear about these from your veterinarian, since fewer than one percent of all veterinarians have even heard of them. Veterinary training, like most conventional medicine, sets narrow limits on what it will acknowledge as “valid.”  You may have struggled against this rigidity of viewpoint before.

Now learn how to benefit from a much broader perspective on the healing of animals. We have taken into account the many other demands on your time. The information we have gathered in these pages has been pared down to its essentials so that you can assimilate it rapidly and efficiently. Enter you name and email address on this page to get started with our FREE information. Rest assured that your contact information will remain completely private. Dr. Eisen’s advice and system has saved many dog’s lives who were given little or no hope.





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